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MyGame Stats allows football players to create their profiles, upload videos and stats from their games and share their talent around the world.

Why MyGame Stats?

STEP out of the fog

No matter what league or level you play, MyGame Stats allows you to be recognized by scouts and coaches in the Middle East and around the World. 

Create your profile, upload your videos and show your talent for a chance to make it to the next level.

Get noticed

We share your talent with Scouts and Coaches from clubs around the world

Who should sign up?


Share your talent and increase your chances of being scouted to the next level.
MyGame Stats is for every football player playing organized football at any level with any team around the world.
Track your performances match after match, upload videos of your talent and connect with scouts & coaches around the world.


Guide your children through their football journey.
Track their performances and record their special moments.
Become their biggest fan!

Student Athletes

Continue your career at a university level.
Attract scholarships & search for your best academic/football fit.

Leagues we support

MyGame Stats sheds light on the forgotten leagues, the ones that don’t attract much attention.
Check out some of the leagues we follow.

For Scouts & Coaches

MyGame Stats provides access a wider pool of talent from all over the world including talent from lower youth and undiscovered leagues.  From the comfort of your desk browse through the players database,  watch videos and identify the talent you need to strengthen your teams.

3 easy steps

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